Source code for rituals.acts.releasing

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint: disable=bad-continuation, superfluous-parens, bad-whitespace
""" Release tasks.
# Copyright ⓒ  2015 Jürgen Hermann
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
# published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
# with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
# 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
# The full LICENSE file and source are available at
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals, print_function

import io
import os
import re
import sys
import shutil
import tarfile
import zipfile
from contextlib import closing

import requests
from munch import Munch as Bunch

from . import Collection, task
from .. import config
from ..util import notify, shell
from ..util.scm import provider as scm_provider
from ..util.filesys import url_as_file, pretty_path
from import capture
from ..util._compat import parse_qsl

PKG_INFO_MULTIKEYS = ('Classifier',)

INSTALLER_BASH = r"""#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
if test -z "$1"; then
    cat <<.
usage: $0 <target-file>

This script installs a self-contained Python application
to the chosen target path (using eGenix PyRun and PEX).
    exit 1
script=$(cd $(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE}") && pwd)/$(basename "${BASH_SOURCE}")

test -d $(dirname "$target")"/.pex" || mkdir $(dirname "$target")"/.pex"
cd $(dirname "$target")
target=$(basename "$target")

cat >"$target" <<.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
pex=\$(dirname "\$0")"/.pex/"\$(basename "\$0")
"\$pex" "\$pex" "\$@"
echo -n "" >"$pex_target"
chmod +x "$target" "$pex_target"

if test -n "${BASH_SOURCE}"; then
    # Called as a script, stored locally
    tail -c +00000 "$script" >>"$pex_target"
    "./$target" --version
    exit 0

# Called in a 'curl | bash -s' pipe
cat <&0 >>"$pex_target" && "./$target" --version

[docs]def get_egg_info(cfg, verbose=False): """Call 'setup egg_info' and return the parsed meta-data.""" result = Bunch() setup_py = cfg.rootjoin('') if not os.path.exists(setup_py): return result egg_info = shell.capture("python {} egg_info".format(setup_py), echo=True if verbose else None) for info_line in egg_info.splitlines(): if info_line.endswith('PKG-INFO'): pkg_info_file = info_line.split(None, 1)[1] result['__file__'] = pkg_info_file with, encoding='utf-8') as handle: lastkey = None for line in handle: if line.lstrip() != line: assert lastkey, "Bad continuation in PKG-INFO file '{}': {}".format(pkg_info_file, line) result[lastkey] += '\n' + line else: lastkey, value = line.split(':', 1) lastkey = lastkey.strip().lower().replace('-', '_') value = value.strip() if lastkey in result: try: result[lastkey].append(value) except AttributeError: result[lastkey] = [result[lastkey], value] else: result[lastkey] = value for multikey in PKG_INFO_MULTIKEYS: if not isinstance(result.get(multikey, []), list): result[multikey] = [result[multikey]] return result
@task(help=dict( verbose="Print version information as it is collected.", pypi="Do not create a local part for the PEP-440 version.", )) def bump(ctx, verbose=False, pypi=False): """Bump a development version.""" cfg = config.load() scm = scm_provider(cfg.project_root, commit=False, ctx=ctx) # Check for uncommitted changes if not scm.workdir_is_clean(): notify.warning("You have uncommitted changes, will create a time-stamped version!") pep440 = scm.pep440_dev_version(verbose=verbose, non_local=pypi) # Rewrite 'setup.cfg' TODO: refactor to helper, see also release-prep # with util.rewrite_file(cfg.rootjoin('setup.cfg')) as lines: # ... setup_cfg = cfg.rootjoin('setup.cfg') if not pep440:"Working directory contains a release version!") elif os.path.exists(setup_cfg): with, encoding='utf-8') as handle: data = handle.readlines() changed = False for i, line in enumerate(data): if re.match(r"#? *tag_build *= *.*", line): verb, _ = data[i].split('=', 1) data[i] = '{}= {}\n'.format(verb, pep440) changed = True if changed:"Rewriting 'setup.cfg'...") with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as handle: handle.write(''.join(data)) else: notify.warning("No 'tag_build' setting found in 'setup.cfg'!") else: notify.warning("Cannot rewrite 'setup.cfg', none found!") if os.path.exists(setup_cfg): # Update metadata and print version egg_info = shell.capture("python egg_info", echo=True if verbose else None) for line in egg_info.splitlines(): if line.endswith('PKG-INFO'): pkg_info_file = line.split(None, 1)[1] with, encoding='utf-8') as handle:'\n'.join(i for i in handle.readlines() if i.startswith('Version:')).strip())"python -q develop", echo=True if verbose else None) @task(help=dict( devpi="Upload the created 'dist' using 'devpi'", egg="Also create an EGG", wheel="Also create a WHL", auto="Create EGG for Python2, and WHL whenever possible", )) def dist(ctx, devpi=False, egg=False, wheel=False, auto=True): """Distribute the project.""" config.load() cmd = ["python", "", "sdist"] # Automatically create wheels if possible if auto: egg = sys.version_info.major == 2 try: import wheel as _ wheel = True except ImportError: wheel = False if egg: cmd.append("bdist_egg") if wheel: cmd.append("bdist_wheel")"invoke clean --all build --docs test check")' '.join(cmd)) if devpi:"devpi upload dist/*") @task(help=dict( pyrun="Create installer including an eGenix PyRun runtime", upload="Upload the created archive to a WebDAV repository", opts="Extra flags for PEX", )) def pex(ctx, pyrun='', upload=False, opts=''): """Package the project with PEX.""" cfg = config.load() # Build and check release": invoke clean --all build test check") # Get full version pkg_info = get_egg_info(cfg) # from pprint import pprint; pprint(dict(pkg_info)) version = pkg_info.version if pkg_info else cfg.project.version # Build a PEX for each console entry-point pex_files = [] # from pprint import pprint; pprint(cfg.project.entry_points) for script in cfg.project.entry_points['console_scripts']: script, entry_point = script.split('=', 1) script, entry_point = script.strip(), entry_point.strip() pex_file = cfg.rootjoin('bin', '{}-{}.pex'.format(script, version)) cmd = ['pex', '-r', cfg.rootjoin('requirements.txt'), cfg.project_root, '-c', script, '-o', pex_file] if opts: cmd.append(opts)' '.join(cmd)) # Warn about non-portable stuff non_universal = set() with closing(zipfile.ZipFile(pex_file, mode="r")) as pex_contents: for pex_name in pex_contents.namelist(): # pylint: disable=no-member if pex_name.endswith('WHEEL') and '-py2.py3-none-any.whl' not in pex_name: non_universal.add(pex_name.split('.whl')[0].split('/')[-1]) if non_universal: notify.warning("Non-universal or native wheels in PEX '{}':\n {}" .format(pex_file.replace(os.getcwd(), '.'), '\n '.join(sorted(non_universal)))) envs = [i.split('-')[-3:] for i in non_universal] envs = {i[0]: i[1:] for i in envs} if len(envs) > 1: envs = {k: v for k, v in envs.items() if not k.startswith('py')} env_id = [] for k, v in sorted(envs.items()): env_id.append(k) env_id.extend(v) env_id = '-'.join(env_id) else: env_id = 'py2.py3-none-any' new_pex_file = pex_file.replace('.pex', '-{}.pex'.format(env_id))"Renamed PEX to '{}'".format(os.path.basename(new_pex_file))) os.rename(pex_file, new_pex_file) pex_file = new_pex_file pex_files.append(pex_file) if not pex_files: notify.warning("No entry points found in project configuration!") else: if pyrun: if any(pyrun.startswith(i) for i in ('http://', 'https://', 'file://')): pyrun_url = pyrun else: pyrun_cfg = dict(ctx.rituals.pyrun) pyrun_cfg.update(parse_qsl(pyrun.replace(os.pathsep, '&'))) pyrun_url = (pyrun_cfg['base_url'] + '/' + pyrun_cfg['archive']).format(**pyrun_cfg)"Getting PyRun from '{}'...".format(pyrun_url)) with url_as_file(pyrun_url, ext='tgz') as pyrun_tarball: pyrun_tar = tarfile.TarFile.gzopen(pyrun_tarball) for pex_file in pex_files[:]: pyrun_exe = pyrun_tar.extractfile('./bin/pyrun') with open(pex_file, 'rb') as pex_handle: pyrun_pex_file = '{}{}'.format( pex_file[:-4], pyrun_url.rsplit('/egenix')[-1][:-4]) with open(pyrun_pex_file, 'wb') as pyrun_pex: pyrun_pex.write(INSTALLER_BASH.replace('00000', '{:<5d}'.format(len(INSTALLER_BASH) + 1))) shutil.copyfileobj(pyrun_exe, pyrun_pex) shutil.copyfileobj(pex_handle, pyrun_pex) shutil.copystat(pex_file, pyrun_pex_file)"Wrote PEX installer to '{}'".format(pretty_path(pyrun_pex_file))) pex_files.append(pyrun_pex_file) if upload: base_url = ctx.rituals.release.upload.base_url.rstrip('/') if not base_url: notify.failure("No base URL provided for uploading!") for pex_file in pex_files: url = base_url + '/' + ctx.rituals.release.upload.path.lstrip('/').format(, version=cfg.project.version, filename=os.path.basename(pex_file))"Uploading to '{}'...".format(url)) with, 'rb') as handle: reply = requests.put(url, if reply.status_code in range(200, 300):"{status_code} {reason}".format(**vars(reply))) else: notify.warning("{status_code} {reason}".format(**vars(reply))) @task( #pre=[ # # Fresh build # call(clean, all=True), # call(build, docs=True), # Perform quality checks # call(test), # call(check, reports=False), #], help=dict( commit="Commit any automatic changes and tag the release", ), ) # pylint: disable=too-many-branches def prep(ctx, commit=True): """Prepare for a release.""" cfg = config.load() scm = scm_provider(cfg.project_root, commit=commit, ctx=ctx) # Check for uncommitted changes if not scm.workdir_is_clean(): notify.failure("You have uncommitted changes, please commit or stash them!") # TODO Check that changelog entry carries the current date # Rewrite 'setup.cfg' setup_cfg = cfg.rootjoin('setup.cfg') if os.path.exists(setup_cfg): with, encoding='utf-8') as handle: data = handle.readlines() changed = False for i, line in enumerate(data): if any(line.startswith(i) for i in ('tag_build', 'tag_date')): data[i] = '#' + data[i] changed = True if changed and commit:"Rewriting 'setup.cfg'...") with, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as handle: handle.write(''.join(data)) scm.add_file('setup.cfg') elif changed: notify.warning("WOULD rewrite 'setup.cfg', but --no-commit was passed") else: notify.warning("Cannot rewrite 'setup.cfg', none found!") # Update metadata and command stubs'python -q develop -U') # Build a clean dist and check version number version = capture('python --version')'invoke clean --all build --docs release.dist') for distfile in os.listdir('dist'): trailer = distfile.split('-' + version)[1] trailer, _ = os.path.splitext(trailer) if trailer and trailer[0] not in '.-': notify.failure("The version found in 'dist' seems to be" " a pre-release one! [{}{}]".format(version, trailer)) # Commit changes and tag the release scm.commit(ctx.rituals.release.commit.message.format(version=version)) scm.tag(, ctx.rituals.release.tag.message.format(version=version)) namespace = Collection.from_module(sys.modules[__name__], name='release', config={'rituals': dict( release = dict( commit = dict(message = ':package: Release v{version}'), tag = dict(name = 'v{version}', message = 'Release v{version}'), upload = dict(base_url = '', path='{name}/{version}/{filename}'), ), pyrun = dict( version = '2.1.0', python = '2.7', # 2.6, 2.7, 3.4 ucs = 'ucs4', # ucs2, ucs4 platform = 'macosx-10.5-x86_64' if sys.platform == 'darwin' else 'linux-x86_64', # linux-i686, linux-x86_64, macosx-10.5-x86_64 archive = 'egenix-pyrun-{version}-py{python}_{ucs}-{platform}.tgz', base_url = '', ), )})