rituals.acts package

rituals.acts – Task building blocks.


rituals.acts.basic module

Basic tasks.

rituals.acts.devpi module

‘devpi’ tasks.


Get currently used ‘devpi’ base URL.

rituals.acts.documentation module

‘docs’ tasks.

class rituals.acts.documentation.DocsUploader(ctx, cfg, target)[source]

Bases: object

Helper to perform an upload of pre-built docs.

upload(docs_base, release)[source]

Upload docs in docs_base to the target of this uploader.


Read auth from pip config.

rituals.acts.documentation.watchdogctl(ctx, kill=False, verbose=True)[source]

Control / check a running Sphinx autobuild process.

rituals.acts.github module

GitHub automation.

rituals.acts.inspection module

‘docs’ tasks.

rituals.acts.jenkins module

Tasks specific to Jenkins.

rituals.acts.pkgdeb module

‘deb’ tasks.

rituals.acts.releasing module

Release tasks.

rituals.acts.releasing.get_egg_info(cfg, verbose=False)[source]

Call ‘setup egg_info’ and return the parsed meta-data.

rituals.acts.testing module

Testing tasks.